Louis Andrew Todd Neal

Louis Andrew Todd Neal

Welcome to Stingchronicity's web site... 

We are a Sting/Police Tribute Band comprised of 4 musicians in the Doylestown, Pennsylvania area... 

Lead singer Todd Omohundro was always in love with the songwriting, bass lines and singing of Sting and called drummer Andrew Biley on the phone and said "Would you be up for starting a Sting and The Police Tribute Band"  Neal Carson came on board with sythesizers then Al Siver  came onboard for guitar and we had the classic Police sound.

Driven To Tears,

Spirits In The Material World,

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,

King Of Pain,

Synchronicity 2 

Walking In Your Footsteps...

so much more

We sincerely hope to see you out there                                




Todd Omohundro Original Music Click Here 


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